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Corporate Transportation Solutions

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Employee/Workforce Shuttle Program.

By Rapid Commute: Our Vehicles, Our Drivers, Your Workforce.
Parking can be one of the biggest obstacles for organizations, employing large, or medium numbers of employees, contractors, in many major cities. As, we all are aware, Traffic Congestions, and Parking is one of the biggest challenges Employers, and Employee are facing today. This ongoing problem and can be especially challenging for Business, regardless, if they have a large number of Employees Workforce, a medium number of Employees Workforce or, even seasonal fluctuation in the size of the Workforce, such as Temp Workers or Contractors. Parking woes can lead to employee absences and lower morale costing the company time, money, and lost productivity.
RapidShuttle offers a various of Corporate Transportation Solutions, that can have a tremendous positive impact on a business productivity. RapidShuttle has a long-proven record of helping Small, Medium, and Large Business meet their Transportation goals within their Budget. RapidShuttle has helped these Business, benefit from

    • Having Employees/Workforce park in large off-site parking lots and then ride buses to the office/work site, or
    • By shuttle the Employees/Workforce from the local Public Transportation Hubs,
    • By creating a Carpool Program designed within your organization Transportation needs,
    • Valet Parking for big events, and
    • Airport Transfers To/From major US and International Airports. By outsourcing the project and day-to-day management to RapidShuttle, your organization can concentrate on its core business, without having to investing in or owning a fleet of Buses or Shuttles.
Cost, and Time Effectiveness. By using RapidShuttle’s Employee Shuttle Services, to shuttle your Employees/Workforce, to and from the office, your organization will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses, and time associated with such services, and, most important, your Employees/Workforce don’t have to stress as they struggle to find parking, and the company doesn’t lose productivity to absent or late employees.

Rapid Transfers: Our Vehicles, Our Drivers, Your Guests.

Corporate Ride-Sharing Program.

By Rapid Commute: Our Vehicles, Our Drivers, Your Workforce.
Whether your company needs to comply with air quality regulations, or you simply want to learn about commute options for your work site, RapidShuttle can create a Rapid Commute Program that meets your organizations transportation needs and budget.
Transportation Solutions
Transportation Solutions

Rapid Transfers: Our Vehicles, Our Drivers, Your Guests.

The most common concerns shared by commuters is being stranded without access to a car or Road Conditions. Our Rapid Commute Program helps alleviate this concern by providing Employees/Workforce who rideshare to work with a Reliable Shared Ride Service, or, for those who do not use a rideshare program, with On-Demand Transportation for their emergency’s situations. Rapid Commute Program by RapidShuttle can confidently encourage employees to leave their cars at home and rideshare to work.

Hotel Guest Shuttle Program.

Managing shuttle service efficiently.
Several hotel shuttle-service operations are run using a traditional method of managing shuttle pickups, drop-offs and reservations, which includes jotting down schedules, locations and guest names on clipboards or scrap paper. Furthermore, 46% of guest reviews are based on transportation services. Hotels can earn low scores on websites such as TripAdvisor if their shuttle service is managed poorly. “Guests have complained that the shuttle service arrived late or never came at all. Based on first-hand travel experiences, Fintz observed that hotels providing complimentary shuttle service lack organization and transparency. “The problem with managing shuttle services with clipboards is that only one person can see the schedule times, and pickups and drop-offs,” he said. “This method is sloppy and not up-to-date, and scrap paper can get easily misplaced. Some hotel properties are not as automated as other businesses.” (Source:
Transportation Solutions
Transportation Solutions

Rapid Transfers: Our Vehicles, Our Drivers, Your Guests.

Connectivity is How we Move People.

Hotel and Driver

Constant connectivity between front desk staff, managers and drivers. Drivers are connected to the software through their mobile devices to get up-to-date information.
Transportation Solutions
Transportation Solutions

Driver and Guests

By having instant, on-demand contact access to customers, drivers can interact with customers directly and inform them of delays or changes in pick-up or drop-off scheduling.

Front Desk and Guests common interactions issues

When is my shuttle coming?” “When will I get dropped off?” “Will my shuttle be late?
RapidShuttle and RapidShuttle’s partner software integration effectively removes “I don’t know” or “we are not sure” from the dictionaries of front desk staff when asked transportation-related questions by guests. RapidShuttle has partner with a leading Hotel Shuttle Software Company, in order to coordinate Hotel Guests transfers.

Here is how it works

The software eliminates the clipboards that no one can read or follow up. We know what’s happening with the guests and will inform the front desk and management if they have or have not been picked up or dropped off.

Front-desk staff, management, drivers and guests all can communicate with each other using SMS texting or email due to the software’s real-time tracking options and reporting capabilities. Confirmation notices can be shared; pick up dates and times can be viewed, and current statuses can be updated. Shuttle drivers can maintain constant contact with the hotel, and automatic notices alert drivers what to expect when they arrive at their pickup points. Drivers also have access to guest mobile numbers. They can contact guests to inform them of changes to the schedule or pick-up location. The system allows front-desk staff to add required data for each guest, then forward the data to other transportation team members. Immediately after reservations are completed, the software allows direct communication between staff members and customers similar to the Ride-Hailing mobile app. Ride-Hailing allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request, which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars to pick up passengers. Also, like other Ride-Hailing, software system allows guests to remit quality-of-service feedback, while also providing analytical data to help improve route costs and fuel mileage and any potential issues regarding parking passes. Additionally, the software supports Windows, iOS and Android devices and operating systems using a web browser. No extra hardware is required.

Our Hotel Shuttle Includes

Airport Arrivals/Departures: We recently included the ability to track guest flight information in the software providing guest arrival and departure information for the driver and front desk in order to adjust pickups or drop-offs in the event of delays. This feature also tracks any guest luggage requirements.

Transfers To and From Local Shopping, Entertainment, and Business Districts.

Airlines, Cruise Ship Crew and Passengers Transportation Management

RapidShuttle is the leading crew shuttle transfer, planning, tracking, and management. Effective and efficient tracking, managing and recovery of the crew is a massive undertaking for airline hotels. RapidShuttle can track the inbound and outbound flights including delays and cancellations, track the shuttle service and provide crew and passengers real-time shuttle tracking with distance to destination and availability. Hospitality businesses only get one chance to make a great first impression — and it is all in the hands of the front desk and shuttle drivers: those who work with your customers or guests before you ever do!