Our Disclosures and Policies.

RapidShuttle staff will do their best to track flights Arrivals for all Private Services. However, it’s the Traveler responsibility to contact us and inform us of any delays, cancellations or flight changes. Also, is the Traveler responsibility to let RapidShuttle’s agents know if they are running late due, but not limited to Luggage, Costumes, and or Emigration Issues.

Waiting Times.

For International Arrivals (Airport): 30 minutes from the scheduled pickup time.
For Domestic Arrivals (Airport): 15 minutes from the scheduled pickup time.
For Cruise/Harbors/Trains: 15 minutes from the scheduled pickup time.
For Any Other Locations: 5 minutes from the scheduled pickup time.
Additional Time (upon request): $15.00 per every 15 minutes.

Guest is responsible to notify RapidShuttle for any delays. After the allocated waiting time, if no contact with the party, RapidShuttle reserves the right to record the trip as a No-Show by the Guest. No-Shows are Not Refundable.

Cancellation Policy.

(1) A service fee equal to the total trip cost will be charged for any cancellation made less than 5 hours before scheduled pick up in a Sedan, Minivan, Full Size Van, SUV or any other service that accommodates/holds less than 9 passengers.
(2) – 72 hours before picking up in a Full-Size Van, Minibus, Mini-Coach holding up to 33 passengers.
(3) 7 days before picking up in a Coach or Bus holding more than 33 passengers. We are not responsible for passenger flights or trains which are missed, canceled, diverted, delayed or any other incident which fails to comply with the Cancellation Policy. We will exact our best effort to fulfill client needs in these instances subject to wait time fees or late cancellations and re-bookings without detriment to other reserved clients. Reservation information contained herein is considered true and accurate unless otherwise corrected by notifying us. A full trip charge will apply if the passenger fails to contact our office if they are unable to locate their chauffeur or if our chauffeur is unable to locate the passenger within 30 minutes of the scheduled pick up time.

Drivers are not allowed to collect payments onboard for the exception of tips. Any cash, or any other form payment made directly with the driver it will be considered tip/gratuities.

All Additional Services, Upgrades, and Fees (If Any – That are not included in the voucher rate) needs to be fully paid within 48 hours before the pickup schedule to avoid transfer cancelations.

RapidShuttle is not responsible for any items left in the vehicles; please ensure you have all belongs upon exiting the vehicles. Each traveler is allowed a maximum of 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag. Oversized or excessive luggage (e.g. surfboards, golf clubs or bikes) may have certain restrictions, please inquire with the operator before travel to confirm if your excess luggage is acceptable.

An After-Hours Service Fee will be added to ALL pickups between the hours of 09:00 pm (21:00) and 05:00 am (05:00) to the credit on file. Such fee will be charged For All transfers including Airport/Train Stations/Cruise Ports and any Other Port of Entry such, regardless of the nature of the delay.
If the Guest does not want to be charged such fee that varies between $30.00 to $75.00 depending on pickup location and travel distance, the Guest has the Option to Cancel the service for a full refund, as long such service is canceled within 7 hours prior pickup time. If the Guest does not have a credit card on file, it is the Guest responsibility to contact RapidShuttle to pay for the said fee when a delay is imminent, and it will cause the pickup to occur between the above hours.

For those Guests without a credit card on file, and that fail to contact RapidShuttle to Pay for the said fee, RapidShuttle reserves the right to either (1) Canceled the Reservation, or (2) Collect the Fee On-Board. If the Guest refuses to pay for the After-Hours Service Fee, the Reservation will be considered Canceled at the Door, and No Refunds will be issued.

Collapsible wheelchairs/Scooter with removable wheels can be accommodated providing the Guest(s) is/are accompanied by someone who can assist them, board, disembark and disassemble/assemble the wheelchair/scooter. Please keep in mind that Wheelchairs / Scooters may not fit in a vehicle luggage compartment designated for 1-2 Passengers (Sedan), or 3-4 Passengers (Minivan). Because Wheelchairs and or Scoters vary in Size, Shape, and Form. It is the Guest(s) responsibility to ensure that such items can fit on the selected vehicle and or passenger group. Due to liabilities, the driver is not allowed to assist in the disassembly/assembly of the wheelchair/scooter, nor assist the Guest(s) board or off-board the vehicle. RapidShuttle vehicles are Not equipped to provide Access/ADA services. In the event, that the wheelchair/scooter cannot fit in the baggage compartment, nor the Guest(s) can board the selected vehicle/service; RapidShuttle it will do their best to find an alternative service for the Guest(s) at their costs. The Guest(s) understands that these costs will be in addition to their initial cost for the reservation. The Guest(s) as well understand that in the event that RapidShuttle’s driver cannot accommodate the Guest(s) due to their ability to board, and/or off-board the vehicle, and or the scooter or wheelchair cannot fit in the baggage compartment, RapidShuttle reserves the right not to issue a refund for the services.

Affiliates/partners Services.

Due to unforeseen events such but not limited to Road Conditions, Mechanical Failures, Over Bookings, RapidShuttle reserves the right to hire a RapidShuttle Affiliate and or Partner to provide transportation for a scheduled pickup. The service type and cost will be equal or greater from what the Client has paid. In such cases, the information provided to The Affiliate and or Partner it will be limited to the Client’s name and contact phone number, arrival/departure flight information, and pick up/drop off information. In the event RapidShuttle sees the needs to use one of our Affiliate’s and or Partners to provide a scheduled pick-up, RapidShuttle it will Not Charge the client any extra fees. These measures must be in place to ensure that our clients do not get services interruptions or to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Child Seats Policies.

All Guests are responsible to provide the adequate child seat for their children.
Every State and or Country has different Laws regarding Child Seats; it is the Guest responsibility to be acquainted with these laws.

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